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Chris Canty: "I'm Excited About the Potential of This Group"

Ravens' DE Chris Canty takes the podium on Sunday to discuss the defensive line, among other things.

Chris Canty smiling while walking off of the field at training camp.
Chris Canty smiling while walking off of the field at training camp.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens' DE Chris Canty took the podium on Sunday afternoon to discuss the defensive line, along with a few other things. Here is a little recap of his presser.

Canty talks about playing in Baltimore.

"It's pretty exciting to have an opportunity to come back here and play in this region. I played my college ball down the road at [The University of Virginia], so it's just definitely exciting to be back in this area and playing football for the defending World Champions."

Canty then gets asked about how the defensive line looks to be doing, since he's gotten to spend a little bit of time with them.

"Well, it's still early. We have an opportunity to work together. We've had a couple padded practices here now, so it's kind of shaping up; it's becoming clear. We've got a good group of guys; we've got a lot of weapons. It's just a matter of us understanding how we can all work together to accomplish our given tasks and given situations. I think that's going to be important for us early on in training camp and moving forward. We've got to develop those roles in our room."

Canty gets asked if he thinks he is versatile.

"I see myself as a jack of all trades, being able to just kind of fit in wherever needed. I've got a unique skill set. I've played inside, I've played outside, I've played 3-4, I've played 4-3, so I am very familiar in multiple front systems, so I think that experience is going to bold well for me and this unit moving forward."

Canty talks about the defensive line and if it is as good as any defensive line he has ever played with.

"I'll tell you, it's as good as any defensive line I've ever been a part of, or it has the potential to be. We've got to continue to work, we've got to stack days, we've got to take one day at a time, but I am excited about the potential of this group, everybody in that room is, and we're looking forward to getting out here and improving each day. "

Chris Canty is then asked why he thinks that the defensive line will be so good.

"It's just because we have so many different guys that can do different things, and if we put it all together it could be something that's really special-- it could be something that's really dominant. When you see that potential, when you see the kind of talent that we have in that room; it's special. "

Canty is asked about guys that can get after the quarterbacks.

"We've got guys that can get after quarterbacks in different ways, we've got guys that can do it with speed, we've got guys that can do it with power, and we've got guys that can do it with both. That's one of the things that's really exciting, when you get all those guys working together; it can be special."

Canty is then asked about how rookie Brandon Williams is developing.

"He's a big man that plays with a lot of power, but what will surprise you is his quicks. He's very quick for an interior defensive lineman. I think when he uses that leverage and that power it spells trouble for those guards and centers, so I'm just excited to see him develop and continue to grow each day. "

There were a few other questions included in the presser, and the link to the video of the entire Chris Canty presser will be at the end of this article.

Chris Canty will most likely be the starting defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 season. Last season, Canty had 26 tackles and 3 sacks in 9 games with the New York Giants. If Canty can stay healthy for the 2013 season, he could be one of the many defensive weapons that the Ravens have on their improved defensive line.


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