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SBN's Rankings Of Week 1 Matchups

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber posted a story on the network's main NFL page titled, "The Game Plan: Ranking The NFL Week 1 Matchups." He ranked them from 1-16, with the New York Giants' loss last night to the Dallas Cowboys as the 2nd best matchup.

Of certain interest to fans of the Baltimore Ravens, even though they would have ranked their game #1, Van Bibber put it as the 4th best matchup of the 16 games this opening weekend. Here is what he says about the matchup:

4. Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Baltimore Ravens

Monday, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN

Experts expect the Bengals to pick up where they left off last season when they surprised the world with a 9-7 run to one of the AFC Wild Card spots. They did lose twice to the Ravens, who many of those same experts are picking to win the Super Bowl. I want to see if this really is going to be the year of Joe Flacco, the year when the Ravens open up their offense a little bit and let the big arm from Delaware do more of the heavy lifting with Torrey Smith working behind defenses.