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Former Ravens Owner Art Modell Passes Away

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Arthur Modell purchased the Cleveland Browns in 1961 for the heft sum at the time of $4 million. In a move that would unfairly define his legacy, he left Cleveland and took the team to Baltimore and renamed them the Ravens. He later sold the team for well over 100 times that investment to current owner Steve Bisciotti. Modell passed away at 4 a.m. this morning, with his sons David and John by his side.

Modell was instrumental in the explosive growth of the league and was one of the biggest proponents in developing Monday Night Football. The hate from the city of Cleveland has been the sole reason this man was not honored by his selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This continues to be one of the most heinous oversights in all of sports and the travesty that he was not inducted while alive can never be forgiven.

Modell was an occasional visitor to Ravens practices, the last few years traveling around the field in a golf cart. The coaches, players and fans alike loved the man and respected all he fought for in helping football as well as bringing the NFL back to Baltimore when it became obvious that the league had zero intentions of awarding a new franchise to this football-starved city with such great NFL history.

R.I.P. Art Modell.