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SB Nation's Bloggers Put Ravens In Super Bowl

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The votes are in and SB Nation's 32 NFL bloggers have made their preseason picks for the 2012 season. Along with Baltimore Beatdown, the real "experts" have spoken and they like the Baltimore Ravens to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 47. That's the good news.

The bad news is that they like the Green Bay Packers to not only represent the NFC but to beat the Ravens and hoist the Lombardi Trophy aloft in New Orleans next February. The Ravens garnered 38% of the AFC vote, well ahead of the New England Patriots (29% and Houston Texans (25%).

The projected Packers Super Bowl victory was close, with a gap of only 4%, as Green Bay was picked to win it all 29% of the time to Baltimore's 25%. Check out the full story titled: SB Nation NFL Bloggers Vote On Preseason Awards, which includes all the individual honors as well.