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Ravens Drop In NFL Power Rankings

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To analyst Elliot Harrison (, NFL Network), the loss of 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs is too tough to replace and therefore he drops the Baltimore Ravens in the final preseason NFL Power Rankings. He states the lack of sacks during the preseason as indication of things to come, despite having to be fully aware that teams put out vanilla offenses and defenses prior to unleashing the full playbook in the regular season.

Harrison has the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants at the top of the rankings, and that has to be out of respect for their Lombardi Trophy. The Green Bay Packers are second, followed by the San Francisco 49ers. The surprising 4th ranked team are the Houston Texans, who lost twice to the Ravens last year, including the Divisional Round of the 2012 playoffs.

(Click on the 'Jump' to read more and see what the analyst said to justify the Ravens #8 ranking)

The next three teams ahead of the Ravens in order are, the New England Patriots (5th), New Orleans Saints (6th) and Chicago Bears (7th). One could argue the 49ers belong ahead of us based on their better 2011 record, but to put the Texans, much less the Bears who didn't even make the playoffs, should be an affront to all Ravens fans, who are used to getting no respect each year and still standing close to the final wire.





The lack of a pass rush is disconcerting. That they collected just six sacks over the preseason is either just another misleading signpost among many in August football or an ominous sign for a team that sorely needs Terrell Suggs. Fourteen sacks is difficult to replace. Difficult to stomach: The fact the Ravens were outscored, 58-29, in the first half of preseason games. Can't say those were all backups in there ...