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Winning On The Road In NFL Tough

A little while back we posted this video of what I felt were the three toughest road games for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2012 regular season. A few readers commented that the trip to play the San Diego Chargers should be one of the three, noting how bad a loss they pinned on the Ravens last year. Instead, I selected the Philadelphia Eagles (Week 2), Houston Texans (Week 7) and Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 11).

The point is, regardless of the team, it's tough to win on the road in the NFL, as evidenced by the three other games the Ravens lost in the 2011 regular season. Baltimore lost to the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Settle Seahawks on the road, all teams with sub-.500 records.

(Read more and check out the links to tough road games for Ravens opponents here in Baltimore after the 'Jump')

At the same time, winning on the road in Baltimore for the Ravens opponents is one of the tougher tasks as well. While I was making this video with the help of SB Nation, eight opponents will have to set foot on the enemy turf of Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, and history has proved that leaving with anything other than a loss is one of the rarer occurrences in the NFL.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so without further adieu, take a look at the following SB Nation videos by two of the Ravens 2012 opponents, who dare to encroach the hallowed turf that linebacker Ray Lewis grabs and throws down in defiance upon his legendary entrance that sends players and fans alike into a frenzy that usually ends in a Ravens victory.

Neal Coolong of SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers blog, Behind The Steel Curtain, lists the Ravens as one of his picks as the Steelers three toughest road games. The Ravens are the last of the three road games mentioned.

KD Drummond of SB Nation's Dallas Cowboys blog, Blogging The Boys, also lists the Ravens as one of his picks as the Cowboys three toughest road games. The Ravens are the second of the three road games mentioned.