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According To Experts, Ravens Will Be Among NFL's Best

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There is an interesting article over at, where they asked 20 player personnel officials from different teams what they predicted for the 2012 season. They answered ten questions on a variety of topics, from the teams they believe would win both conferences to the best players as well as the biggest disappointments.

The Baltimore Ravens seem to get a lot of respect, as they were the second pick to win the AFC, behind of course, the New England Patriots but thankfully ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Ravens were also the third choice to win the Super Bowl, after those same Patriots and the NFC's pick, the Green Bay Packers.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was mentioned among the best coaches in the league and both Haloti Ngata and Ray Lewis were considered among the most physical defensive players in the league. The Ravens defense was considered the 2nd most physical unit behind the San Francisco 49ers, yet once again ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Regardless of the so-called experts who believe the loss of Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs will hurt the team, it's good to see the people who really know the players still see the Ravens as among the bes the league has to offer.