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Why Cut Danny Gorrer?

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Is it just me or does this move puzzle anyone else?

I understand that the Ravens needed another safety but is James Ihedigbo worth the loss of Danny Gorrer? I could be wrong but Gorrer was an excellent nickel or dime back for the Ravens last season and Ihedigbo was mostly an average safety at best from the league's worst secondary in New England. Maybe the Ravens see something in him that we, as fans, do not.

I just don't think he will see the field as much as Gorrer would have especially since the secondary has been somewhat suspect thus far in the preseason. One would think they would want to keep any good cover corner they could get. I guess the stellar play of new Raven Corey Graham made Gorrer somewhat expendable but I'd still feel more comfortable with Gorrer coming in over rookie Asa Jackson or second year player Chykie Brown. Maybe it's a money thing. Or, maybe this is just one of those moves that we will all get mid season and be praising Ozzie for but for now, I just don't get it.

It was my thinking that if the Ravens were in need of another safety they could easily use one of their many talented corners to fill in at the position if need be. Ihedigbo is not known for his coverage skills and I would think that using, say, Gorrer or Graham in that spot would give the team a better over all cover secondary then they would have with Ihedigbo out there.

Well, It's mot for me to question the moves of Ozzie Newsome in his wheelings and dealings. He could have seen something in the preseason in Gorrer that he didn't like or something in Ihedigbo that he really did like. I just feel as if I'm missing something here and maybe some of my loyal readers can help me out...