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The 2012 NFL Beer Bible

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Esquire Magazine did a story, pairing each NFL franchise with a local beer, to come up with the 2012 NFL Beer Bible. They took each team and put it together with a beer brewed in that city, and occasionally added some local grub to eat with it.

For the Baltimore Ravens, they selected Union Craft Duckpin Pale Ale. Here is what they said about the conbination of the Ravens and the beer:

Baltimore’s first city brewery to open in more than 30 years, Union Craft just rolled out its kegs this summer. Duckpin Pale is a nod to the city’s traditional duckpin bowling haunts, brewed with tropical hops from New Zealand. By next season, Union Craft’s beers will be available in cans.

They didn't add a local culinary delight to sample with the brew, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the best thing to eat with beer in this town are hot and spicy steamed crabs, covered in Old Bay seasoning!