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How Does Baltimore Rank In Smartest Spenders In Sports?

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Bloomberg Business Week did a ranking of the Smartest Spenders In Sports, rating all the teams in the four major sports leagues in North America (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). Their rankings were based on how much money was spent on each win over the past five seasons. They took payroll information and came up with an efficiency rating based on the league average, meaning the lower the score, the less a team spent per win.

The overall top team was baseball's Tampa Bay Rays, followed in order by hockey's Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penquins. The top NFL team was ranked 8th, the New England Patriots. The Baltimore Ravens were the 6th ranked NFL team, and 27th overall among all four sports.

The Baltimore Orioles were 97th of 122 ranked teams, and 23rd of 30 MLB franchises.