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No More NFL-Less Sundays

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Hopefully you've got your affairs in order for the rest of the year as far as Sundays are concerned, because yesterday was the last NFL-less Sunday of the year and actually until after the Super Bowl in early February 2013.

The 2012 NFL season kicks off this Wednesday and while the Baltimore Ravens do not play until next Monday evening, there will be NFL games on the next 17 Sundays of the regular season and then throughout the playoffs until the Lombardi Trophy is lofted toward the heavens by the victorious Super Bowl team in New Orleans.

With Thursday Night Football starting this year in week 2, we will now be getting NFL games three days a week, and the Baltimore Ravens play the first four games in 17 days, all at different times. The Ravens host the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football in week one. In week two, they visit the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon, then host the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football in week three. Finally, Baltimore hosts the Cleveland Browns in week four on Thursday Night Football before getting back to a more consistent Sunday afternoon schedule.