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More On Joe Flacco's TD Celebration

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"I was just excited, and that's what white guys do when they get excited, I guess"

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After an exciting 1-yard TD scramble Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco said this about his celebratory spike.There are all different types of celebrations in the NFL. You have the elaborate Jacoby Jonesesque dances, you have the dunking the ball over the crossbar celebrations, you even have fancy duos (example: DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart), and then you have the simple "white-guy" spikes which is the case with Joe Flacco.

And while Joe Flacco's touchdown celebration wasn't as spicy as say Jacoby Jones, it was just as exciting to see the Ravens put seven points on the board.

Watch Joe Flacco's celebration here