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Ravens Home Field Advantage Tops In NFL

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The Baltimore Ravens extended what is now the longest home winning streak in the NFL to 13 straight games.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens extended what is now the longest home winning streak in the NFL to 13 straight games. They have not lost at M&T Bank Stadium since their 13-10 defeat by the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 5, 2010. Remember that game? That was the one where Steelers safety Troy Polamalu jumped over the offensive line to sack Joe Flacco, causing a fumble that Pittsburgh recovered and score the game-winning TD a few plays later.

Prior to that home loss, the previous one was a 17-15 home defeat by the Indianapolis Colts on November 22, 2009. The Ravens went undefeated at home in 2011 and now have won all three of their contests here in 2012. After the 23-16 victory over the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football, their next homes games are hosting the Dallas Cowboys (October 14) and Oakland Raiders (November 11), two very win-able games.

The Steelers return to M&T Bank Stadium for a December 2nd battle. Incidentally, the Ravens will play Pittsburgh twice in a three-week span, first at Heinz Field on November 18 and then back here in Baltimore. The remaining home schedule includes visits by the Denver Broncos ( December 16) and New York Giants (December 23).

The combination of the solid play and the loud, proud and purple fan base, situated close to the field, make it hard for opposing offenses to operate and give the Ravens such a reason to play that much harder than perhaps they do on the road.

In addition to the home winning streak, the Ravens are now the team that has been above .500 the longest, going back to early in the 2008 season. The Ravens have not had a losing record at any time during the season since the forgettable 2007 season, the last in the Brian Billick and Kyle Boller era.

How much longer these streaks can go are up to the Ravens but the way they play at home and the overall quality of the team gives you every reason to believe and have confidence that this streak could go long past the 2012 season and beyond.