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Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Open Thread

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This marks Baltimore Beatdown's first official gamethread under the new SBNation United format. To celebrate this momentous event, keep your comments here throughout the course of the game.

Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Good evening Baltimore Beatdown. Well this is the even we've been waiting for all day. Watch the high-flying Baltimore Ravens take on the sputtering Cleveland Browns in tonight's AFC North showdown.

Some things to watch for tonight:

-Return of the regular NFL referees.

-How will Torrey Smith play tonight within a week after his brother's death?

-Will the high-octane Baltimore Ravens offense continue to shine?

-Will Ray Lewis and company manage to get back to the Baltimore Ravens defense of old, or will we have a dramatic offensive shoot-out tonight?

Keep your comments here throughout the remainder of the game, and GOOO RAVENSSSS!!!!