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Baltimore Ravens Vs. Cleveland Browns : Ravens Keys to victory

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The Baltimore Ravens meet the Cleveland Browns two times a year and every year it's a different team for the Browns. Can the Ravens keep the results the same.

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In Cleveland there is,once again, a new sheriff in town with new 28 year old rookie Brandon Weeden. Weeden who was drafted by the New York Yankees with there first pick of their daft in the second round in 2002 to be a pitcher for the pinstripes. He gave up his baseball career due to a string of arm injuries and in inflated ERA to return to college and play quarterback for for the Oklahoma State Cowboys from 2010 t0 2011. In his time there he and receiver Justin Blackmon broke several of the schools passing/receiving records.

Weeden was the drafted in the first round, 22nd over all in 2012 by the Cleveland Browns despite his age and the fact that he was ranked as the sixth highest quarterback on the board. In Weeden, the Browns see their future so they see no reason to waste time and are starting him as a rookie.He has a very quick release and great leadership qualities. However he is still a rookie so the Browns must work him in slowly so they will count on game breaking running back and fellow rookie Trent Richardson from Alabama.

Richardson was considered the best running back in college in his years with the Crimson Tide and was the driving force behind their offense, He was third in the Heisman voting behind Robert Griffin III in his senior season. Richardson has shown the combination of speed and power at the NFL level that all the analysts said he would when they labeled him the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson.

The key to beating the Browns will be keeping Trent Richardson contained. The Ravens will have to make Weeden beat them with his arm ifhe want s to win this game. The Browns will run Richardson. They will run him up the middle and to the right and left several times trying to find the weakness in this new Baltimore run defense. The question is will they have time to use their game plan? Can the Browns defense stop the NFL top passing quarterback early to avoid having to play from behind.

So the Ravens will try and get an early lead and force the Browns to throw while the Browns will try and run on the Ravens to control the clock and keep the defense on the field so it tires.the most important thing for the Ravens is that they do not look past this opponent. and attempt to stay atop the AFC North. They started off the season against some tough opponents and need to treat this one just the same. After all the Browns almost beat the same Eagles that beat the Ravens earlier this season... Even if the Ravens really should have won that game... Anyway, it shown they can play with the big boys and Baltimore better be ready because Cleveland isn't going to just roll over for them.