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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 4

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Baltimore Beatdown makes it's picks of the winners in week four of the NFL season.

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Not only did the replacement officials have a tough time in week 3 of the NFL season, but so did Baltimore Beatdown in picking the winners. A sub-.500 week, the first in recent memory, was softened by a win from the Baltimore Ravens over the New England Patriots. Two "Upset Special Picks of the Week" came in (Tennessee Titans over Detroit Lions & Arizona Cardinals over Philadelphia Eagles), and the debacle of the Seattle Seahawks over the Green Bay Packers kept my picks from being a complete bust.

We'll 'pick & pan' the Ravens game tonight with the Cleveland Browns in another post, so let's get on with the games of the weekend:

Patriots over Bills: While I'd love to see New England drop to 0-3 and it could certainly happen with the game being in Buffalo, I just can't see Tom Brady losing three in a row and perhaps even falling to fourth place in the AFC East. Would be nice though.

Jets over 49ers: This is an "Upset Special Pick of the Week," and fueled by seeing the Minnesota Vikings upsetting San Francisco last week. New York is a much better team at home and two in a row is a lot of travel for a team that many thought might have been the best in league before their upset.

Texans over Titans: Houston could go undefeated until the Ravens head there in week 7, but whomever the schedule-makers are, they must be Texans fans. Tennessee is not a pushover but it's doubtful they'll go on the road and win at Reliant Stadium.

Falcons over Panthers: Same goes for Atlanta, who get to go home after an impressive win last week on the road and they are looking like the favorite in the AFC South, and Carolina is being exposed with a QB undergoing a bit of a sophomore slump in Cam Newton.

Lions over Vikings: This will be a tough NFC North match-up, as there are questions about the health of Detroit QB Matthew Stafford. However, either way, I like them to defend the home turf despite the impressive Minnesota upset of the 49ers last week.

Chiefs over Chargers: The odds-makers are not convinced Kansas City is for real and therefore have this as an even game. San Diego laid a huge egg at home against the first tough team they faced after two easy wins. Who wants to win the AFC West? I guess we'll see.

Rams over Seahawks: My second "Upset Special of the Week," as I like St. Louis at home more than Seattle on the road. An amazing game last week, but the Seahawks are such a different team away from the Pacific Northwest.

Cardinals over Dolphins: Arizona might be the Cinderella team this year, as their defense has looked tough both home and away so far. Miami? Not so much, with no help from their kicker as well as their coach's timing when calling timeouts.

Broncos over Raiders: Denver should get a break after playing the top two teams in the league back-to-back. Oakland had an emotional win over the Pittsburgh Steelers but on the road at an AFC West opponent is a tough task to overcome.

Bengals over Jaguars: Two road games in a row for Cincinnati, so if there is a reason fro an upset, this would be it. Luckily, Jacksonville might be able to pull out a shocker against a week Indy team, but the Bengals are a lot better than that.

Packers over Saints: Who'd a thunk this game would be between two teams that have won a combined one game between them after three weeks of the season? Thought to be two of the top teams in the league with two of the top QB's in the game, one team New Orleans) is reeling from three losses, including two at home, while the other (Green Bay) is still in shock over getting robbed by the replacement officials. Should still be a great game.

Redskins over Buccaneers: Another "Upset Special Pick of the Week," as Tampa Bay is favored and while an improved team, let's see how they contain Washington's mobile rookie QB.

Giants over Eagles (Sunday Night Football): Even at home on national TV, I can't see Philadelphia turning the ball over like they have so far this season against an offense as explosive as New York has shown so far. Yes, this too qualifies as an "Upset Special Pick of the Week."

Cowboys over Bears (Monday Night Football): Ah, a national TV game between two of the consistently under-achieving teams in the league. Dallas looks solid one week and then flat the next and Chicago matches that assessment. Since it's a home game for the Cowboys, I'll take them to add to Jay Cutler's frustrations and win.

Last Week: 7-9

Overall: 28-20