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Bill Belichick Fined $50,000 After Grabbing Ref Sunday Night

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After Justin Tucker's close, game-winning kick Sunday night, Bill Belichick grabbed the arm of an official while trying to argue his case that the play should've been reviewed.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

During the final seconds of a thrilling 31-30 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots Head Coach, Bill Belichick grabbed an official's arm to try to get his attention. After Justin Tucker's "skin-of-the-teeth" field goal, there was some discrepancy on whether or not the field goal actually went in or not. Bill Belichick was trying to get the attention of the referee to inquire whether or not the play was reviewable (which it was not). Because of Bill's action of grabbing the referee, he finds himself $50,000 poorer.

The league has been trying to cut down on confrontations between head coaches and referees and I think that Bill Belichick's fine serves more of an example for other head coaches, rather than an actual penalty.