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Upshaw Continues To Impress

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Ravens' rookie outshines his former Alabama teammate on national stage.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens rookie Courtney Upshaw had another impressive outing against the New England Patriots. On one play he sniffed out a double reverse and almost single-handedly forced the Pats to punt during an important drive. Upshaw also was one of the few Ravens able to apply pressure on quarterback Tom Brady at times.

His former teammate from at Alabama, Dont'a Hightower who was drafted several spots above Upshaw had five tackles to Upshaw's four but Courtney definitely stole the lime-light. Ray Rice ran for over 100 yards on the Patriots new defense and you barely heard Hightower's name called. Courtney on the other hand was involved in more big plays and showed maybe a bit more of a defining presence with his new team.

One player who looks to be a handful in the future is Arthur Jones' little brother Chandler Jones. Whew, he sure can create some pressure by himself. Having him and Vince Wilfork in that defensive line will be deadly for years to come.

If you are counting, Upshaw now has 15 tackles and a half a sack in his first three games in somewhat limited time. However he seems to be one of those players that is constantly around the ball in key moments. It will be great to see what he can do with a healthy Terrell Suggs in the lineup with him. That may be the only thing to cure our running game woes unless this unit is still finding it's way.

The pass rush needs help and there should be plenty of blitzes and run blitzes in the upcoming game with the Browns so hopefully they can stop a team that pretty much has to run against us. Haloti Ngata has been a monster but he can't be everywhere at once. Terrence Cody and the rest of the crew needs to step it up and push the pocket back.

The Ravens may have gotten the right player in Upshaw but this defense still has a lot of work to do. At the same time it's not like we started the season facing three easy teams.