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Ravens Big Win Replay On NFL Network Tonight

The Baltimore Ravens big win over the New England Patriots will be re-broadcasted tonight on NFL Network at 9pm.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

If you loved the Baltimore Ravens huge 31-30 comeback victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday night, you get your chance to see history repeat itself. The NFL Network will show it again as part of their NFL Replay, where they replay the best games of the just-completed weekend.

The game will be shown on NFL Network at 9pm tonight. The replays are condensed into a 90-minute show, as they are kind enough to spare us the commercials other than for the network's own benefits. You will get to see the game in its entirety, but also clips of interviews and commentary different from what went on during the actual game.

Although Patriots fans might not tune in to regurgitate their collapse late in the fourth quarter, Ravens fans get to relive the fantastic ending, which defines the old Wide World of Sports mantra, "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!"