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Torrey Smith Introduces His Dogs

Prior to the horrifying news that his 19-year old brother, Tevin, had been killed in a motorcycle accident, Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith took a few minutes to introduce us to his two dogs, through a partnership between SB Nation and Gridiron Grunts.

According to their website, Gridiron Grunts is a unique communication channel conceived by pro athletes, for pro athletes and their fans. This one-of-a-kind service brings pro athlete's thoughts to the masses straight from the source - without filters - and connects fans to each other in a unique way.

Smith introduces Prince and his newly adopted one, Monmouth, shortly after returning home from a recent practice. Looks like he's got them trained pretty well. Too bad he can't train the replacement refs to listen to him this well!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Smith and his family during what is surely a difficult time, which made his recent performance in the Ravens victory over the New England Patriots that much more special.