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Who Needs To Step Up Against Patriots

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Tomorrow night the Baltimore Ravens face perhaps one of their hardest match-ups of the season in the New England Patriots. There are a lot of things that the Ravens will have to do if they want to escape this game with a 2-1 record. I believe Cam Cameron, will be the make-it or break-it factor in this game.

After an incredibly stale offense performance last week against the Philadelphia Eagles, Cam Cameron was the victim of much scrutiny for his wildly ineffective play calling. If Cameron wants to make last week's performance "water under the bridge" he will need to have an excellent game in terms of playcalling. For example, no more of that passing on 3rd and 1 crap.

The Patriots' defense isn't exactly the greatest in the league, but they do have a lot of talent and a smart coach who will beat the Ravens if they become predictable. If Cam Cameron can call a good balance of pass and run plays, and call smart, effective plays on third down, the Ravens will leave week 3 with a win.