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NFL Blogger Debate: 5 Questions

New, comments was created by Steve and Megan Shoup, a brother and sister who are fanatical sports fans. They decided to take their fate into their own hands and start a business venture revolving around their passion. They asked me to join in on their Weekly Blogger Debate, debating the top five sports questions.

Not surprisingly, four of the five were related to the NFL and one specifically to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday Night Football game hosting the New England Patriots. Interesting was that the fifth question was about the NHL Lockout, to which my response was probably not appreciated by hockey fans.

Here is their question and my answer regarding the Ravens-Pats game:

3.) Who will win the AFC Championship rematch this Sunday?

Bruce @ Baltimore Beatdown:

The game is in Baltimore where the Ravens have not lost since the 2010 season. With revenge on their minds as well as frustration from their week 2 loss at the Eagles, they will take their anger out on Tom Brady and the Pats.