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Paul Kruger "Back" On The Field (Pun Intended)

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After missing last week's game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a back injury, Paul Kruger was a full participant in Thursday and Friday's practice. Kruger's absence was evident last week, as the Baltimore Ravens struggled to contain the Eagles' explosive offense. Many times, last week, it seemed as if the Ravens weren't even fielding an eleven-man defense, so the return of Paul Kruger will be a huge asset in the effort to contain Tom Brady and the New England Patriot's offense.

The New England Patriots called up former Browns and Buccaneers tight-end, Kellen Winslow, earlier this week, so it is clear the Patriots will be trying to expose the middle of Baltimore's defense. While Kruger may not be the fastest linebacker in the world, he has better coverage skills than a Courtney Upshaw. It will definitely be a challenge to defend against the the tremendously athletic Rob Gronkowki and always dangerous Kellen Winslow, Kruger's return will definitely play a huge part in the effort.