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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 3

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To straight solid weeks of picking not only winners, but also upset picks as well. Week one I nailed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Carolina Panthers and this past week I hit on the Seattle Seahawks taking care of the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, I missed the most important pick of the week, when the Baltimore Ravens could not beat the combination of Michael Vick, Brent Celek and the replacement referees in losing 24-23.

Let's get right to it, starting with tonight's NFL Network game and I'll pick & pan the Ravens Sunday Night Football Game hosting the New England Patriots on Sunday.

Panthers over Giants: At first thought this was going to be an upset pick, but Carolina is actually favored and I think rightly so. New York is on the road on a short week and I don't see them playing anywhere like they did last week in their comeback win with an incredible passing performance from Eli Manning.

Redskins over Bengals: Cincinnati might have won last week, but it was at home over the Cleveland Browns, and on the road against the newest star rookie QB is a much different task, one that Washington seems to be ready for after starting the season with two straight road games.

Dolphins over Jets: My first "Upset Special Pick of the Week," as I was impressed with how well Miami's Reggie Bush looked last week, even if it was against the Oakland Raiders. New York looked rather bland in their loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers last week and I see the Florida heat from both the weather and Bush sending them to defeat.

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Bear over Rams: Although I like Chicago to bounce back and win this game, St. Louis has been in every game this season and their offense will keep them in this one but their defense will not.

Bills over Browns: If Cleveland is going to win a game or two this season, one might pick them to win this one. Not me, as Buffalo has an offense and defense that is better than either side of the ball the Brownies put out there.

Cowboys over Buccaneers: Dallas is obviously a much better team at home than they are on the road and while Tampa Bay lost a game they had in the bag, two in a row on the road is a tall task.

Colts over Jaguars: What? Two wins in a row for Indianapolis? Guess that 's what happens when both the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville comes to your house with two of the worst offenses in the league.

49ers over Vikings: Minnesota limps home after a close loss at Indy and has to play San Francisco, who despite being on the road, is one of, if not right now, the best team in the NFL.

Saints over Chiefs: I can't believe we are still waiting for New Orleans to win their first game, but Kansas City is just what the doctor ordered and will pay the price on the road in front of a loud crowd and an angry Drew Brees. You don't want to upset Drew Brees, my fantasy football QB!

Titans over Lions: I'm going out on a limb here with my second "Upset Special Pick of the Week." I like Tennessee to get their first win of the season at home, while Detroit has not looked good on the road even though they have the best WR in the game hands-down.

Cardinals over Eagles: At some point, Philadelphia's luck of turning the ball over so often and still winning has to run out. Arizona is just not as bad as people think, just ask the Patriots, and the home field will give them the advantage to pull off my 3rd "Upset Special Pick of the Week!"

Chargers over Falcons: Atlanta has looked good so far but they are flying across country to face a pretty solid offense at home and San Diego is starting off looking good, which should be good enough to win in the battle of unbeatens.

Broncos over Texans: Playing at home makes a huge difference for Peyton Manning, who uses the no-huddle offense as good as anyone. Houston is undefeated but their two wins over Miami and Jacksonville are just not impressive to me. This actually counts as another "Upset Special Pick of the Week."

Steelers over Raiders: A long, long time ago, this was a classic rivalry. No more and while I could actually see Oakland upsetting Pittsburgh, I can't pull the trigger on what I'm rooting for to happen.

Seahawks over Packers (Monday Night Football): Many people see Green Bay in the Super Bowl and they still could get there, but winning on the road in Seattle on national TV is going to be real tough. The "12th Man" in the Pacific Northwest makes it one of the toughest places to win as a visitor and I'm impressed with what rookie QB Russell Wilson has done so far.

Last Week: 11-5

Season Record: 21-11