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Ex-Ravens Star Jamal Lewis On TMZ

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Former Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis is back in the news, but not for football or any good reason. Lewis was part of a TMZ-exclusive in which he is being sued for failure to pay child support for a kid he supposedly fathered back in 2005. TMZ is the internet's premier address for entertainment news and their TV show is among the most popular for celebrity gossip.

He says he is willing to pony up and make payments, as long as he can be determined to be the father through a paternity test. The child's mother is asking for over $5,000 a month, but TMZ reminds us that Lewis filed for bankruptcy back in May.

Jamal was arrested for failure to pay that child support, but says it is all a misunderstanding and once the DNA results are known, he will start making payments but would also want visitation rights. Not a good way to keep you name in the news.

In unrelated TMZ news, Baltimore's Michael Phelps reportedly won $100,000 playing poker, but also was said to have spent a chunk of it in a nightclub later that same evening.