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SB Nation AFC North Preview: Ravens Get No Love

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The guys over at SB Nation put together this preview video of the four teams in the AFC North and as usual, the Baltimore Ravens are getting no love form these two so-called experts. It's one thing if people want to blindly stick with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the class of the division. As tough as it is to admit, he Steelers are one of the better teams in the league on an annual basis, so to ignore them as a division contender would show a lack of honesty from an objective standpoint.

However, to also expect the Cincinnati Bengals to contend, much less be picked to win the AFC North seems a reach. Sure, the Bengals had a good season and made the playoffs, but to think they can leapfrog both the Steelers and Ravens appears to be a longshot to this writer.

The excuse they give for the Ravens to not only end up behind the Steelers but the Bengals too is the same old one we've been hearing for years. The defense is too old, specifically Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Really? Too old? They were "too old" in 2011 but still made the AFC Championship Game and their defense is annually in the top five if not higher. Their concern on the loss of Terrell Suggs is a reasonable point to address, but other than Ray and Ed, the Ravens defense is among the younger units in the NFL.