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"A Football Life: Ray Lewis"

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis will be featured on the NFL Network series titled, "A Football Life: Ray Lewis" tonight at 8pm. Lewis was mic'd up for the entire 2011 season and the result can be seen this evening. Baltimore fans have heard so many clips of Ray on the field and sidelines, as well in locker rooms of not only his team, but other teams in other sports as well.

Now everyone can get the pleasure and feel the passion and inspiration that the greatest defensive player of all-time has exuded for what is now 17 years in the NFL. While there might be other players in league history worthy of debating Ray's greatest defensive player of all-time title I've bestowed upon hm, no one can argue that he has done this at such a high level for such a long time. No other player has continued to play at this level for so long. None.

No true football fan will want to miss this.