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Ravens Drop In NFL Power Rankings

The Baltimore Ravens stood at the top of SB Nation's Power Rankings after their season opening 44-13 beatdown of the Cincinnati Bengals. After thudding back to earth in their heart-breaking 24-23 loss to the Philadelphia eagles in week two, they also fell down the steps in the NFL Power Rankings: Week 3.

However, while their drop was understandable, they did not fall that far and are probably reasonably placed on this list. There are six teams that remain undefeated at 2-0 and then a glut of 20 others at 1-1, followed by the six 0-2 teams. The Ravens are the second highest ranked 1-1 team, trailing the Green Bay Packers, who received the 3rd spot, despite having four other undefeated teams ranked lower than them.

To be fair, the sixth-ranked Ravens are still ranked higher than two 2-0 teams, the San Diego Chargers (10th) and the Arizona Cardinals (16th). Ahead of the Ravens are the Philadelphia Eagles (5th), Atlanta Falcons (4th), Packers (3rd), Houston Texans (2nd) and San Francisco 49ers (1st). Right behind the Ravens are two of their toughest upcoming opponents, the New England Patriots (7th) and Pittsburgh Steelers (8th).