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Monday Night Football 'Open Thread'

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Even though Baltimore Ravens fans must still be stinging from the frustrating 24-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday, there's still one more game to be played in week two of the regular season. The Atlanta Falcons, led by QB Matt Ryan, host the Denver Broncos, led by QB Peyton Manning.

For those interested in point spreads, the Falcons are three point favorites at home, meaning that for all intents, the game is even, with a field goal in Atlanta's favor. The point total is currently 50.5 but could swing a half-point in either direction by the time you read this.

Both teams had impressive victories in week one, but now let's see how Manning does on the road in what will be his only game under the comfort of a dome, where he played his entire NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts.

Post your comments on this game, as well as your residual thoughts on the Ravens loss throughout this game-time Open Thread.