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At Least Boxer Floyd Mayweather Won With Ravens

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According to a tweet with a photo of the the winning ticket from boxer Floyd Mayweather, he was not concerned that the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. He was only glad the Ravens covered the point spread, which benefited him to the tune of $446,000. Apparently, he placed a huge wager on the Ravens +2.5 and since they only lost by a point, he won.

A lot of other bettors weren't so lucky, according to RJ Bell of gaming info site Anyone who bet on the Arizona Cardinals to upset the New England Patriots won $600 for every $100 wagered, as the Cards were 13.5 underdogs. The Cardinals are the 17th underdog of at least that size to win an NFL game since 2000. Ironically, the Cardinals were also the most recent team to do so, beating the Eagles as 14-point underdogs on 11/13/2011.

Not surprisingly, approximately 50% of all Survivor Pool players were eliminated by the Patriots loss!