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Ravens' Reason To Celebrate

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It's tough to find any reason to celebrate after a Baltimore Ravens loss, especially one as frustrating as yesterday's 24-23 defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles. Every Ravens fan knows that they should be celebrating a Baltimore victory today instead of just another close road loss. Between the Eagles offensive success, the Ravens offensive problems and the horrendous job by the officials, the team still had a chance to win the game in the final minutes.

After seeing undrafted rookie placekicker Justin Tucker kick three field goals from 48, 51 and 56 yards, everyone watching the game knew the Ravens had a chance if they could get him with 60 yards for one more shot. Sadly, that would not happen and the rest is already old history in NFL terms.

In addition, Tucker boomed every kickoff deep into or out of the end zone, proving the team's decision to hand him the kicking job over veteran Billy Cundiff was the right decision. Tucker is now six-for-six in field goals and has nine touchbacks in 15 kickoffs. If there is any one reason to celebrate after yesterday's loss, it is the arrival of Justin Tucker.