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Ravens Poor 2nd Half Dooms 24-23 Loss

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The Baltimore Ravens opened up a 17-7 halftime lead but then inexplicably could not replicate that in the game's last 30 minutes, leaving the door open for a late TD by the Philadelphia Eagles to lose 24-23. After a solid first half performance, Ravens QB Joe Flacco was simply awful in the second half and finished with 20 incompletions for the game, a horrendous number.

His 22 for 42 performance, for 232 yards, does not tell the tale of the offense's ineptitude over the last two quarters. Third down was a nightmare for Baltimore, as they could not convert all day long. The wide receivers had a difficult time getting open all day and only a 99 yard rushing performance by Ray Rice kept the team in the game with a chance to win until the final minute.

The defense did their part to help the losing effort, giving up 371 yards passing to Michael Vick and for whatever reason their game-plan did not include covering TE Brent Celek all day long, who caught eight passes for 157 yards. The defense was torched for over 500 yards and gave up huge chunks of yardage in critical times.

Philly did what they could to try to give Baltimore the game, with four turnovers, but still managed to find a way to win for the second game in a row. That's the difference between winning and losing in the NFL and up until the end the Ravens still had a chance to win. The biggest plus of the game is that they officially have a stud placekicker in rookie Justin Tucker, whose 52 and 56-yard kicks both would have been good from 60+.

More to follow but now the time is to stew in our collective boiling juices on another win-able game lost on the road.