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Baltimore Beatdown Over/Unders For Todays Ravens, Eagles Game

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Hello all. Thought it would be fun to do out own little over/unders for today's game featuring our own Baltimore Ravens against the Philadelphia Eagles. So, below I will list some of the more fun over/unders and give you all my opinions as to what they will be and why. Please respond with your thoughts on the matter as well! Here we go...

Passing yards for Joe Flacco: 250

I think this will be an over. First of all I think the Ravens will try and get an early lead to force Philly to throw the ball and perhaps create some turn overs and I doubt Tyrod Taylor sees any action in this one as well, barring a trick play or two. Or if perhaps our beloved Ravens are forced to play from behind at any point I think they will count on the strong arm of Flacco to help the team regain the lead.

Rushing yards for Michael Vick: 50

I'll call this one an over as well. After Vick's four interception game against the Browns I'm thinking Vick may think twice about trying to stretch the field too much with the likes of Ed Reed and Lardarius Webb roaming the secondary. Also he may be playing with out his top two receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin so the Eagles may want to test the Ravens run defense with the likes of Vick and Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy. So a busy running day for Vick could end up being a good day for Baltimore if it means he is unable to successfully pass the ball at will.

Carries for Ray Rice: 20

Hhhmmm... This is a tough one, mostly because I have Flacco going for over 250 yards again but I do think the Ravens will try and get Rice involved a bit more this week even though both he and the team had much success last week as well with much less than 20carries.

I'm going to go over here again though, mostly because I don't think Bernard Pierce and Anthony Allen will see the same work load as last week. (Especially Allen) However if the Ravens do get a lead that they can sustain late into the game I think it will quickly become the Ray Rice show again. If they are playing from behind however, Rice probably wont eclipse the 20 carry mark. So, over but just over maybe like 23 or something. If it was total touches I'd be at ease betting on 25 or higher. I think the Ravens will have to rely heavily on their proven play makers in this game.

Catches for Anquan Boldin: 5

Boldin will be playing in the slot mostly so he may get some more favorable match ups than the outside guys early on but Joe Flacco Likes to spread the ball around and if they do go to Boldin Early and often you can be damn sure to see Mr. Nnamdi Asomugha move inside to guard him, that is, if hr doesn't start the game manned up on him to begin with. My bet however, is that Asomugha starts out on Torrey Smith with Domonique Rodgers- Cromartie on Jacoby Jones and a nickle corner or safety on the slower Boldin. Just a thought, but any way I'm going to go with the under on this one with my thinking being that Joe will spread the ball around and use his tight ends a lot in this one. So maybe four catches and a TD for Boldin instead!

Receiving yards for Torrey Smith: 75

I'm going with the over!

Maybe it's wishful thinking if Nnamdi is on Smith all game but I'm convinced that Smith can get behind any defense, even with safety help. Besides if there is big time safety help on Torrey then Jones should get some one on one coverages on the other side of the field since both can flat out fly down the sideline. Even if Torrey only gets two or three catches he could easily break the 75 yard mark with Flacco's love for the deep ball.

Tackles for Ray Lewis: 11

Over. Haven't you heard? He's a machine Jerk!

Field goals for Justin Tucker: 3

I'm hoping for the under because I'd like to think that we can be dominant in the red zone with our big receiving targets and Vonta Leach leading the way out of the backfield but I'm going even on this one. Three touchdowns and three field goals should be enough with our defense to put this one in the win column... I hope. Knock on wood. (yes I actually did) So, yes Even is where I shall stand.

Since I've done pretty much all Ravens because , well let's face it, that's all that really interests me at 2:30am on game day morning, Ill finish it off with an Eagles one and a possibly painful one at that.

Rushing yards for LeSean McCoy: 100

Yeah, that's right. I went there. let's face it, The Bengals rushed for over 100 yards last week (using multiple backs of course). That still does not change the fact that they did it though and until our new outside linebackers prove they can set the edge and stop the run, teams will keep running right at us and a speedster like McCoy is the perfect guy to run us sideline to sideline.

Don't fret Ravens fans I'm going with the under on this one as well. I think Ray Lewis will whip these guys into shape and turn them into priceless run defenders just like he has done with mostly all the other linebackers that have come through Charm City. Maybe I'm wrong and McCoy gets the best of them this week but I'm still certain that Lewis will eventually get the run D together. Week two may be a tough call with this young bunch but what the hell right? You rarely miss when betting on Ray Lewis to rally the troops and the run game will be a huge factor in this match up.

Please leave your predictions below and let us know what you think of mine as well! I can take it!