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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens Scouting Report Interview

CBS Philly contacted me this week, asking to answer five questions about the Baltimore Ravens, the week two opponent of the Philadelphia Eagles. Being a Philly site, they obviously have the best interests of their Eagles in mind and therefore, their first glimpses of both the Ravens and Eagles have them worried and concerned at the same time.

The Eagles close call in their win over the hapless Cleveland Browns combined with the Ravens thrashing of the Cincinnati Bengals might make one think that this game could get ugly if both teams play the same way. However, Ravens fans are very much aware of how good they looked last year in crushing the Pittsburgh Steelers at home in the season opener and then falling flat on their collective faces the next game on the road to the Tennessee Titans.

The Ravens seem to have learned a powerful lesson from last year, when all four of their losses came on the road to inferior teams. There is no way Baltimore will take Philadelphia lightly and the odds favor the Eagles playing a lot better than last week and the Ravens not nearly as dominating.

I couldn't resist this "parting shot" from the interview and click on the link above to read the full story:

It wasn't in his official response, but Bruce took a parting shot. After I wished him luck on Sunday (not really), Bruce said "Ha, thanks! Get ready, these aren't the Cleveland Brownies!"