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Ravens Roster By The Numbers

The NFL released a ton of statistics about the rosters of the 32 teams in the league. They looked at the height, weight, age and experience of the teams based on their combined averages. The results may be a bit surprising compared to what the general thoughts of most people believe.

The Baltimore Ravens are nowhere near the oldest or the most experienced teams in the NFL. How many times have you heard about the Ravens defense being aging or old? The league doesn't break it down on both sides of the ball, but Baltimore is the 9th oldest team in the NFL by average age. Surprisingly, the Detroit Lions are the oldest team in the league, which may surprise people who look at them as a young team.

The Ravens have an average of 4.42 years of NFL experience, with eleven other teams having as much or more than them. Baltimore has eleven players on the plus side of 30 years old, with ten other teams having as many in the league.

There are 13 players on the Ravens who weigh 300 pounds or more, which is tied with seven other teams for the second most in the NFL, one behind the New York Jets' 14 players. However, the 252 pound average weight of the Ravens players is the most in the league. Interestingly, their 6.17' average height is dead-on the league's average.