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Pick Ravens Score Contest

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This wil be a regular weekly post throughout the 2012-13 season. We will be offering prizes for the closest prediction of the final score for the Baltimore Ravens games and thanks to some of our promotions,will be giving away Ravens-related prizes along the way.

This week the prize is a Ravens Fan Mug, compliments of Fan Mug, which is a can and bottle cooler, mug, desk caddy - all in one. In addition, they will be giving away a FREE Ray Lewis 8x10 Photo as shown below. ($9.99 RETAIL) to all 4 PACK purchases made through this Sunday night at midnight. This is an Exclusive to Baltimore Beatdown and you won't even see a discount code listed anywhere else for Ravens Mugs.


So post your prediction of the winner and final score of the Raven at the Philadelphia Eagles and the one closest to the actual outcome will win the mug. One entry per member and poll closes at 1pm Sunday (ET).