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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 2

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Since the NFL football weekends now start on Thursday night, the picks will be posted the afternoons prior to the first game. Week 2 begins with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Chicago Bears, as we previewed in an earlier story today here on Baltimore Beatdown. Let's get it started with tonight's game and the rest of the weekend and as usual, we'll pick & pan the Baltimore Ravens game at the Philadelphia Eagles in a separate story this Saturday.

Packers over Bears (TNF): Read the preview from earlier to day and you will understand why I see Green Bay getting their first win over Chicago.

Bengals over Browns: Cincinnati got thoroughly embarrassed on national TV by the Ravens and now go home to take out their frustrations on perhaps the worst team in the NFL. Cleveland gave their game away last week to the Eagles and will get pounded by the Bengals, who are a much better team than they showed.

Steelers over Jets: While everyone here on The Beatdown would love to see Pittsburgh start the season 0-2, that's doubtful, as they are among the best in the league in home openers and besides, we all know New York is not nearly as good as they looked in their big win in week one.

(More week 2 NFL Picks & Pans after the 'Jump')

Bills over Chiefs: Both teams looked pretty awful in losing big last week, but while I expect both tobe better as the season progresses, neither will set the NFL world on fire the rest of the way and since Buffalo is at home and Kansas City couldn't win at home, I like the Bills to rebound.

Saints over Panthers: New Orleans was shocked at home and while Carolina was upset last week, they were on the road. Drew Brees is my fantasy football QB and I expect him to live up to his #1 overall selection. Cam Newton is a legitimate NFL star but he has virtually zero company on his team, thus I expect them to fall to 0-2.

Colts over Vikings: This game actually qualifies as an upset, since Minnesota is a slight favorite on the road. However, I like Indianapolis rookie QB Andrew Luck to get his first win at home in my "Upset Special Pick of the Week."

Texans over Jaguars: Houston may be one of the AFC contenders but opening with two easy games, even if this is on the road in Jacksonville, really won't impress me too much. The Jags won't impress anyone this year either.

Raiders over Dolphins: I couldn't decide which way to go in this game, but basically think that Miami is just a little bit worse of a team than Oakland.

Patriots over Cardinals: If you play in a "Suicide League," and need to pick one no-brainer game, this is it. Nothing else needs to be said about this game. Nothing. Now watch, Arizona shocks New England and the world's economy changes on one game as bettors jump off ledges everywhere!

Giants over Buccaneers: See above comments. Even though New York lost and Tampa Bay won last week, this game has blowout written all over it.

Seahawks over Cowboys: Another "Upset Special," although I'm a bit surprised Dallas is getting that much love to be favored overSeattle on the road, as the Ravens found out how tough it is to win up there.

Redskins over Rams: The schedule-makers must not have liked Washington, giving them two straight road games to open the season. However, it doesn't seem to bother their rookie QB, who may replace Cam Newton as the most exciting player in the game, much to the chagrin of St. Louis and their fans.

Chargers over Titans: Looks like San Diego might get off to a good start this season and Tennessee really looked bad at home in losing to the Patriots, but then again, it was the Patriots, although the Chargers have a very solid passing game as well.

49ers over Lions (Sunday Night Football): Ahh, a replay of the "Handshake Game!" San Francisco proved it can win on the road and against a tough offensive team and while Detroit is another tough offensive team, this game is a home game for the 49ers and they are still the better team.

Falcons over Broncos (Monday Night Football): A great game is shaping up here and only because it will be in Atlanta and not Denver, I like Matt Ryan over Peyton Manning. However, expect it to be a track meet of scoring.

Last Week: 10-6