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Bears @ Packers: Thursday Night Football 'Open Thread'

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Not only is football back for all of us, Thursday Night Football starts this week, which now gives us three days of NFL football every week! Week two of the regular season gets underway tonight as the Green ay Packers hope to get in the win column when they host the 1-0 Chicago Bears on the NFL Network.

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown to post your thoughts and comments in this game-time 'Open Thread' as you watch the game. If you don't get NFL Network from your cable provider, we can be the medium to give you the updates and answer your questions on what is going on throughout the game.

Since this game has no implications on the Baltimore Ravens, it may just be a fun game to watch, especially if you "own" any of these players on both teams in your fantasy football league. I've got Packers WR Jordy Nelson on my team, so while the final score won't really matter to me, I'm rooting for Nelson to get his catches and stats!