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Thursday Night Football Preview: Bears @ Packers

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The Green Bay Packers get a chance to prove to their fans that they deserve to be mentioned as one of the top teams in the NFC as they once again have home-field advantage in week two, but are hoping for a different result than in week one. The Packers host the Chicago Bears in the first Thursday Night Football game of the year.

Last year, Green Bay had Chicago's number in both their meetings, winning 27-17 in Chicago and 35-21 at Lambeau Field. In 'da Bears defense, however, they were riddled with injuries ultimately resulting in both RB Matt Forte and QB Jay Cutler missing significant playing time. This year could be different, as Chicago has added a receiving threat in WR Brandon Marshall and both Forte and Cutler appear to be healthy.

The Pack should be angry and resentful for not being able to stop the San Francisco 49ers in last week's opening loss, while the Bears had an easy time with the Indianapolis Colts and rookie QB Andrew Luck's debut. This week, they will have to face one of the best signal-callers in the game in Aaron Rodgers and not some big-hyped rookie.

Despite not having much of a run game, Green Bay boosts as deep a corps of receivers as any team in the league which will present a much tougher challenge to the Bears supposedly stout defense. At the same time, Chicago's offense will be facing a loud crowd but to be fair once again, the Packers defense has not been one to be feared although they have been a turnover machine due to most teams having to play catch-up against them last season.

Expect a high scoring game, with the Bears being able to move the ball against the Packers defense, while Green Bay knows this and will have to do what they can to basically outscore Chicago in order to come out with their first win of the 2012 regular season and keep their winning streak versus the Bears intact.