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Ravens Superfan Captain Dee-Fense To Be Inducted In ESPN/StubHub's Hall Of Fans

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Baltimore Ravens superfan Larry "Captain Dee-Fense" is among three inductees to the ESPN and StubHub's Hall of Fans. The induction ceremony will be held on September 19th at ESPN's Bristol Connecticut campus. Three vintage stadium chairs will represent the three inductees with individual plaques which immortalize their names. They will also be presented with a $1000 SubHub gift certificate during the unveiling on the ESPN lawn. In future years, the plaques will be replaced with each new class but there will be a display of the Hall of Fans legacy nearby.

Larry, a Baltimore Ravens fan known as Captain Dee-Fense, is a military veteran of 24 years who frequently spreads his Ravens spirit at community events. He's participated in 300 charity events, already 70 year this year and has yet to miss a Ravens home game. His costume includes a spiked belt, chain, gloves, sunglasses and a purple captain's hat.

Each of the fans will also be profiled in ESPN The Magazine in an upcoming edition due on shelves October 5th.