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What To Watch For: Ravens vs. Eagles

When the Baltimore Ravens go on the road to play the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday afternoon, the big question will be what Eagles team will they end up facing? Will it be the lackluster offensive team that tried so hard to give the game away in their last minute 17-16 comeback win over the Cleveland Browns?

Or will it be the unearned nickname given to them last year of the 'Dream Team,' based on all of their off-season signings and talent on both sides of the ball? The only thing worse than the way the Eagles played last week was their opponents, which couldn't take advantage of Philly QB Michael Vick's four interceptions, mostly due to his Cleveland counter-part, QB Brandon Weeden finishing with a virtually unheard of 5.1 QB Rating.

If that Eagles team shows up, the Ravens will not be so kind to them and it could quickly turn into an ugly scene in front of their rabid fans. However, don't expect Philadelphia to string together two of the same games and combined with this being their home opener as well as Baltimore's first road test of the young 2012 regular season, this could be a real tough challenge, not to mention a possible "trap game" for the confident Ravens.