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Ed Reed Alone At The Top

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With his 34-yard TD return off of his interception last night in the Baltimore Ravens 44-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, Ed Reed became the NFL all-time leader in interception return yardage. Reed's pick and run for the end zone made the score 34-13 and essentially stuck the dagger into the Bengals' hearts.

According to a related story on, Reed now has 1,497 yards on interception returns. He passes former Ravens safety Rod Woodson and will look to put distance between himself and Woodson as well as any future threats to this amazing record.

Reed appeared to have injured his hamstring on the play but later said it was tight before the game and he expected to tweak it at some point but would be fine for next week's game at the Philadelphia Eagles. Too old? Too slow? Diminished skills? Think again!