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Sergio Kindle Makes Final Roster

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Sergio Kindle, the Baltimore Ravens top draft pick from three years ago, has made the 2012-2013 roster. While in most cases that shouldn't come as a shock, it is huge news for Kindle who has yet to record a meaningful statistic in a regular season game.

To say Kindle's career has been rough is an understatement. After missing his rookie season due to falling down a flight of stairs, Kindle saw miniscule playing-time last year. And to top it off, Kindle is deaf in one ear due to his injury. This season very well may be Sergio Kindle's last chance to overcome this great adversity, but at least he has lived to fight another day.

Kindle's road to the NFL certainly hasn't been easy, but he hasn't lost faith quite yet. I, for one, am rooting for Sergio Kindle and I hope he can come back better than ever this season.