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Ravens To Fill Practice Squad Today

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The Baltimore Ravens, along with the rest of the league, can begin assembling their eight-man Practice Squad as of noon today. All players released as of 9pm Friday night will have cleared waivers by then and teams can either re-sign players they just cut or sift through the other 31 team's trash to find a guy they might want to stash for future possibilities.

The Ravens are rumored to desire to bring back a few of their recent cuts, with one name mentioned yesterday, linebacker Chavis Williams. There are those who were surprised to see safety Omar Brown and LB Nigel Carr released, so they could also be possibilities.

Details of who are eligible for the Practice Squad can be seen in a 2011 story from SB Nation. Players salaries while on the Practice Squad is $5,700 per week, or a tad under $100,000 a year. Nothing to sniff at, but certainly way below the NFL minimum salary of $390,000.