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Ravens Had #1 Preseason Offense

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According to the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens had the #1 ranked offense in the preseason, averaging over 390 yards per game. Stats were tracked by the Elias Sports Bureau, the official statisticians of the NFL. The Ravens total was just ahead of the Detroit Lions.

The Ravens also had the second highest average points per game, 108, behind the Seattle Seahawks' 122 points. The combination of quarterbacks Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor and Curtis Painter threw (189) and completed (113) the second most passes during preseason, both behind the New Orleans Saints.

Their passing yards per game (275) were just behind the Atlanta Falcons(280), and their 11 passing TDs led the league, one ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles. Ironically, backup QB Curtis Painter tied for the league-lead with six passing touchdowns. Rookie placekicker Justin Tucker finished second in total points, interestingly behind Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka.