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Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons: Pre-Season 'Open Thread'

Well the long tumultuous off-season is finally over, and football is back. Stick here with Baltimore Beat Down to post your comments, thoughts and opinions in the 'Open Thread' on tonight's 2012 pre-season opener between your Baltimore Ravens at the Atlanta Falcons.

While most people consider pre-season games to be pointless, there are plenty of storylines to follow tonight. A few of these include: how will Jacoby Jones fit in with the Baltimore Ravens, will Paul Kruger and Courtney Upshaw be able to fill in for the injured Terrell Suggs, and how will UFA, Justin Tucker, perform in an actual NFL situation?

A bit of a warning, do not complain about the "poor offensive playcalling", because in the pre-season coaches just go out there and run plays to see how players execute to them. In fact I'm willing to bet there was little to planning before this game to how we will "attack the Falcons' defense.

I believe the starters will be on the field for the entire first quarter tonight, so you will have about a quarter of football to sample what our 2012 Baltimore Ravens are going to look like. Keep your comments here through the remainder of the night, and let's go Ravens!!!