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Bobby Rainey Overwhelmed By Fans At M&T Bank Stadium Practice

Ravens rookie RB Bobby Rainey
Ravens rookie RB Bobby Rainey

Baltimore Beatdown had a chance to interview Baltimore Ravens rookie RB Bobby Rainey last week in a story titled, "Does Bobby Rainey Have A Chance To Make Ravens?" After the team's first public practice at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium in front of more than 20,000 fans, I had another chance to speak with him in the locker room and get his reaction to the event.

Baltimore Beatdown: How did it feel to finally get on the field at the stadium?

Bobby Rainey: "Aw man, it was amazing! It was a blessing at the same time."

BB: 20,000 fans for an open practice. Not a bad turn-out, right?

Rainey: "That's what it was? Wow, that's more than the max at my college! It's crazy though, just the atmosphere itself, it was amazing, a blessing just to be a part of it."

BB: Coaches have been very complimentary of you. How does that make you feel?

Rainey: "The man above just keeps me humble.Basically be respectful like my mom taught me growing up, and just be me. Basically be positive and a humble guy."

BB: Good luck.