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Ravens Fan Of A Different Feather

Baltimore Ravens super-fan Chris Wilkinson (8/6/12)
Baltimore Ravens super-fan Chris Wilkinson (8/6/12)

The Baltimore Ravens are rewarding fans whose names were drawn from entries in their Lottery to visit the team's Owings Mills Under Armour Performance Center and watch training camp practices. Fans show up wearing the jerseys of their favorite players and some even color their hair or paint their faces.

However, rarely has someone with the style of rabid fan Chris Wilkinson graced the sidelines of the Ravens practice field. The Baltimore resident shows his love and pride for the team by cutting, styling and coloring his hair into a spiked purple mohawk. He wears a Ravens jersey with the name "MakeSomeNoiz" across the back.


I asked him if the heat affect the 'hawk, but he said he's been on a boat and despite the wind blowing it to the side, it just flips back up into perfect place. Some teams have fans who wear cray outfits and accessories but rarely will you find a rabid fan like Wilkinson who would represent his favorite team in this impressive style.