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SB Nation Interviews DeMaurice Smith

True football fans know that DeMaurice Smith is the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association. He was charged with representing the player's best interests in settling their labor dispute with the team owners last summer. He has been looked at as a savior for the players as well as the biggest stumbling block in reaching that labor peace.

SB Nation had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Smith recently. He sat down with Amy K. Nelson to discuss the most pertinent topics facing the NFLPA today, including:

-Does the NFLPA regret giving Roger Goodell sole power to act as arbitrator?

-Will NFL players walk out in the event of a referee stoppage?

-Should the NFL re-address the franchise tag?

-How is the NFLPA handling the multitude of player arrests this offseason?

-What is the status of the relationship between DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell?