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Dennis Pitta's Injury Opening Doors For Other TEs On The Roster

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With Dennis Pitta missing what looks like all of the pre-season due to his hand, Ed Dickson has been given a great opportunity to build chemistry with Joe Flacco and prove his worth. Because of Dennis Pitta's injury, Ed Dickson will be receiving the majority of the first-team reps for the pre-season. While no-one is happy to see Pitta get hurt, Dickson is certainly excited for this opportunity.

From"I'm just trying to build that chemistry with Joe and get that offense gelling from the tight end standpoint. It's also an opportunity for the young guys and Davon Drew to step up and prove what they have."

Due to the recent signing of Billy Bajema and UFAs, Matt Balasavage and Bruce Figgins, the 3rd TE position is going to be a tightly contested battle. The injury to Dennis Pitta will allow all of the players battling it out for the final TE spot on the roster to see more playing time in the pre-season which will allow the coaches to get a better feel for how they perform against other NFL players. As the saying goes; "there is a silver-lining to every cloud". It may not be much of a silver-lining, but it is one indeed.